The Mystical Aleph-bet

10" high

The letter Aleph begins and ends the shape of
this mystical symbol.
It represents the silent sound of consciousness, the Awareness on Mount Sinai at the creation of the Aleph-bet that exists
before any sound can be spoken.

Spiraling up and down in a helix like the angels of Jacob's ladder, the aleph-bet acts as our connection to the one whose hand gave these letters long ago.

They form our prayers and the name of every living thing.

It is said that when Moses received the commandments, the spirits of all jews who would walk the earth were present.
As he smashed the tablets on the rock in anger at his people's lack of faith, all of the letters ascended back to God.

A space of silver remains uncut, awaiting the fulfillment of the promise made by the holy one that the letter revealed will bring peace and tranquility to all creation.