2002 spertus museum competition finalist
mezuzah case

Our history tells of a magical, mystical moment when the world of spirit intersected with the world of matter and the Jewish people discovered themselves
in the presence of God.

During this mysterious meeting, the spirits of all Jews who would ever walk the Earth proclaimed "we will do and we will hear".

Recounting this story using sterling and 18k gold, two entwining ribbons symbolize these two realms and their mutual bond.

The mezuzah case begins, as the Torah itself begins, with the Spirit of God hovering over all.
Swirling points of light and consciousness infuse the top ribbon to represent the Heavens.

At the intersection of the two ribbons, a silver tube with a golden seal contains the parchment of the sacred covenant.

From there, the earthly plane unfolds. Hebrew phrases and pictures pierced through the sterling depict the physical world permeated with consciousness -the awareness of Aleph. Others portray God's promises of
rain, wine, oil, and grain for as long as the
Heavens are above the Earth.
Children witness with wonder as carved tablets are revealed. The promise is made for constant devotion in our hearts, upon our doorposts and to forever teach
this vow to our children.

Our love and passion for God are everywhere in this joyous design.

The earthly ribbon becomes fringes of a tallit.
Two long braids of silver and gold mark God's nearness to all who dwell at the four corners of the earth, blessing our homes with spiritual warmth and peace.