Melanie Kline was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Her interest in Jewish lore and symbolism was fostered by the example of Rabbi Manuel Laderman and her Orthodox grandparents, Clara and Wolfe Karsh.
As an adult, she is influenced by the writings of
Martin Buber and Rabbi Lawrence Kushner.

The helix is a reoccurring theme in Melanie's designs.
As a child, she imagined her words spiraling
upward as she said her evening prayers.
She later learned legends which told of the Hebrew letters
soaring back to their Divine Source.

"I am fascinated by the letters of the Hebrew Aleph-bet.
The mystical legends surrounding them enhance
their beautiful and unusual shapes.
To me, the letters are alive and vibrant.
They provide me with endless inspiration.
As I bring their shapes to my work, the Aleph-bet gives
spiritual fulfillment to me."

Melanie creates handcrafted Judaica and her love for Israel inspires the awards she designs for State of Israel Bonds campaigns.

She also teaches silversmithing to at-risk teenagers and technical goldsmithing to other professionals in her field.