Tree of Life

12" x 14"

Based on the Tree of Life, as the Torah is known, this breastplate is rich with symbolism.

At the top of the breastplate, appearing as golden fruit, are the Sephirot.
These spinning symbols breathe life
into the word "Israel".

What appears to be a tree is also a menorah, the symbol of Judaism.
Seventy leaves adorn this menorah representing the 70 members of the Sanhedrin responsible for the interpretation
of God's laws.

Spirals of consciousness infuse the air, land, and river, welcoming us to the
Source of this Consciousness.

The letters of the Hebrew ALEPH-BET individually form the chain by which the breastplate hangs, symbolizing the fact that all of our Torah study hangs on the
understanding of these letters.

The beautiful forms of the letters are also hidden in the grasses along the riverbank.

The bells at the bottom of the breastplate
call us to the Five Books of Moses.